Beetlejuice 2: What We Know So Far


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It’s been over 30 years since the release of the original Beetlejuice movie, and fans have been eagerly waiting for a sequel. After years of rumors and speculations, it was finally confirmed that Beetlejuice 2 is in the works. Here’s what we know so far:


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The sequel has been in development for several years now, with various writers and directors attached to the project at different times. Tim Burton, who directed the original movie, has confirmed that he will be returning to direct Beetlejuice 2.

In a recent interview, Burton revealed that the script for the sequel is still being worked on, and that he’s excited to dive back into the world of Beetlejuice. He also hinted that some of the original cast members might be returning for the sequel.


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Speaking of the cast, fans have been wondering if the original actors will be returning for the sequel. Michael Keaton, who played the titular character in the first movie, has confirmed that he will be reprising his role as Beetlejuice.

Winona Ryder, who played Lydia Deetz, has also expressed her interest in returning for the sequel. However, no official announcements have been made regarding the rest of the cast.


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As for the plot, not much has been revealed yet. However, Burton has hinted that the sequel will be more of a continuation of the original story, rather than a complete reboot.

He also mentioned that the sequel will explore the concept of death and the afterlife in a unique and interesting way. Fans can expect the same quirky, dark humor that made the original movie so beloved.

Release Date

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Unfortunately, there’s no official release date for Beetlejuice 2 yet. The movie has been in development for several years now, and it’s unclear when it will be ready for release.

However, fans can rest assured that the sequel is still in the works, and that Tim Burton is just as excited about it as they are.


Overall, Beetlejuice 2 is shaping up to be an exciting and highly anticipated sequel. With Tim Burton back in the director’s chair and Michael Keaton reprising his role as Beetlejuice, fans can expect the same quirky and dark humor that made the original movie a cult classic.

While there’s no official release date yet, fans can stay tuned for updates and announcements regarding the sequel. We can’t wait to see what Burton and the rest of the team have in store for us!


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