Robert De Niro’s Girlfriend: A Look into His Romantic Life


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Robert De Niro, one of the most iconic actors in Hollywood, is known not only for his acting prowess but also for his tumultuous romantic life. Throughout his career, he has been involved in several high-profile relationships, some of which have ended in heartbreak. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the women who have captured De Niro’s heart and the impact they’ve had on his life.

Who is Robert De Niro’s Current Girlfriend?

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As of 2021, Robert De Niro is in a relationship with Grace Hightower. The couple first met in 1987 while De Niro was dining at the popular Mr. Chow restaurant in London. Hightower, who was working as a hostess at the time, caught De Niro’s eye, and the two struck up a conversation. They quickly hit it off and began dating.

The couple got married in 1997 but separated in 1999, with De Niro filing for divorce. However, the divorce was never finalized, and the couple eventually reconciled and renewed their vows in 2004. They have two children together, a son named Elliot and a daughter named Helen Grace.

Robert De Niro’s Past Relationships

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Before settling down with Grace Hightower, Robert De Niro had several high-profile relationships. One of his most famous romances was with actress and model, Diahnne Abbott. The two met in the early 1970s and began dating shortly after. They eventually got married in 1976 and had a son named Raphael. However, their marriage ended in 1988, and De Niro went on to date other women.

In the early 1990s, De Niro was linked to supermodel Naomi Campbell. The two were spotted together at several events, and rumors circulated that they were dating. However, the relationship never seemed to develop into anything serious, and the two eventually went their separate ways.

De Niro was also involved in a long-term relationship with actress and model, Toukie Smith. The couple began dating in the late 1980s and were together for over a decade. They never got married but did have twin sons together named Aaron and Julian.

The Impact of De Niro’s Romantic Life on His Career

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Robert De Niro’s romantic life has been a topic of discussion throughout his career, with many fans and critics speculating about the impact his relationships have had on his work. Some have suggested that his tumultuous love life has affected his ability to focus on his acting, while others argue that it has only added to the depth and complexity of his performances.

Regardless of the impact it has had on his career, there’s no denying that Robert De Niro’s romantic life has been a fascinating subject for fans and media alike. From his early days as a struggling actor to his current status as a Hollywood icon, his relationships have been a constant source of intrigue and speculation.


Robert De Niro has had a colorful and complex romantic life, with several high-profile relationships and a marriage that has weathered many ups and downs. While his romantic life has certainly been a topic of discussion throughout his career, there’s no denying the impact he has had on Hollywood and the world of cinema. As he continues to captivate audiences with his performances, fans will undoubtedly continue to be curious about the man behind the characters.


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