Robert De Niro Children: A Look Into The Actor’s Family Life


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Robert De Niro is a legendary actor who has graced the silver screen for over five decades. He is known for his incredible acting skills and diverse range of roles. However, many people are curious about his personal life and specifically, his children. In this article, we will take a closer look at Robert De Niro’s children.

The Early Years

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Robert De Niro was born in New York City in 1943. His parents were both artists, and his father was also a painter. De Niro’s parents divorced when he was young, and he was primarily raised by his mother. Despite this, he remained close to his father throughout his life, and the two had a strong bond.

De Niro began his acting career in the 1960s and quickly gained fame for his roles in films like “Mean Streets” and “The Godfather Part II.” He continued to act in numerous films throughout the decades, earning critical acclaim and numerous awards.

The Children

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Robert De Niro has six children from three different relationships. His first child, a daughter named Drena, was born in 1971 to his then-girlfriend Diahnne Abbott. De Niro and Abbott later married and had a son named Raphael in 1976. The couple divorced in 1988.

De Niro then had a son named Elliot in 1998 with his then-girlfriend Toukie Smith. He also has twin sons, Julian and Aaron, who were born via a surrogate in 1995. Their mother’s identity has not been publicly revealed.

In 1997, De Niro married Grace Hightower, and the couple had two children together. Their son Elliot was born in 1998, and their daughter Helen Grace was born in 2011.

The Relationship with His Children

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Robert De Niro has always been private about his personal life, including his relationship with his children. However, he has spoken publicly about his love for them and his dedication to their well-being.

In a 2014 interview, De Niro said, “I have a strong sense of family. I’m very devoted to my children and my wife. They are the most important things in my life.” He also stated that he would have retired from acting if it interfered with his family life.

De Niro’s children have also followed in his footsteps to some degree. His daughter Drena is an actress and filmmaker, while his son Raphael is a former actor who is now a real estate developer. Julian and Aaron have both worked in the film industry, with Julian working as a producer and Aaron as an actor.


Robert De Niro is a legendary actor who has also proven to be a dedicated father to his six children. While he is private about his personal life, he has spoken publicly about his love for his family and his commitment to their well-being. His children have also pursued careers in the entertainment industry, following in their father’s footsteps.


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