Clarence Thomas Harlan Crow: The Controversial Relationship Between a Supreme Court Justice and a Texas Real Estate Magnate


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Clarence Thomas is a name that is well-known in legal circles as he has been serving as a Supreme Court Justice since 1991. However, what many people may not be aware of is the controversial relationship that he has with a Texas real estate magnate named Harlan Crow.

The Beginning of the Relationship

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The relationship between Clarence Thomas and Harlan Crow began in the 1980s when Thomas was serving as the chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. At the time, Crow was a prominent real estate developer in Texas and had developed a reputation for being a generous donor to conservative causes.

Thomas and Crow were introduced by a mutual friend and quickly hit it off. They shared a common interest in conservative politics and the two men began to spend time together, often discussing legal issues and the direction of the country.

The Controversy Begins

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The relationship between Thomas and Crow became controversial in the early 2000s when it was revealed that Crow had provided financial support to Thomas’s wife, Virginia Thomas.

According to reports, Crow had given Virginia Thomas a $500,000 loan to start a Tea Party group and had also provided her with valuable gifts, including a $19,000 antique writing desk and a $1,200 evening bag.

The Ethics Controversy

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The financial support that Crow had provided to Virginia Thomas raised serious ethics concerns, as Supreme Court justices are required to recuse themselves from cases involving individuals or organizations that have provided them with financial support.

Thomas was asked to recuse himself from several cases that involved Crow or his companies, but he refused to do so. He defended his decision by stating that he had no financial relationship with Crow and that the gifts and loans that his wife had received were not relevant to his duties as a Supreme Court Justice.

The Fallout

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The controversy surrounding Thomas and Crow’s relationship has continued to this day, with many people questioning the ethics of their close friendship and the financial support that Crow has provided to Thomas’s wife.

Despite the controversy, Thomas has continued to serve as a Supreme Court Justice and has not faced any disciplinary actions as a result of his relationship with Crow.


The relationship between Clarence Thomas and Harlan Crow is a controversial issue that has been the subject of much debate and scrutiny over the years. While some people see their friendship as harmless, others view it as a potential conflict of interest that could undermine the integrity of the Supreme Court.

Regardless of how one feels about their relationship, it is clear that the controversy surrounding Thomas and Crow is unlikely to go away anytime soon.


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