IEBC Jobs: Opportunities and Requirements for Kenyans


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The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) is a constitutional body in Kenya established under Article 88 of the Constitution of Kenya. The commission is responsible for conducting free, fair, and credible elections in the country. IEBC also conducts other electoral processes, such as voter registration, boundary delimitation, and regulation of political parties. As a result, IEBC offers various job opportunities to Kenyans who want to work in the electoral body. This article provides an overview of IEBC jobs, requirements, and how to apply for them.

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IEBC Job Categories

IEBC offers job opportunities in various categories, including:

  • Temporary Election Officials
  • Permanent and Pensionable Staff
  • Short-term Contract Staff
  • Ad-hoc Staff

Temporary Election Officials are the most common job category, and they include Presiding Officers, Deputy Presiding Officers, and Polling Clerks. These officials are recruited for specific electoral events and are usually paid a stipend for the services rendered.

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Requirements for IEBC Jobs

The requirements for IEBC jobs vary depending on the job category. However, there are general requirements that apply to all IEBC job categories. These requirements include:

  • Be a Kenyan citizen
  • Be of sound mind and body
  • Have a minimum of KCSE certificate
  • Be of good conduct and have no criminal record
  • Be computer literate

For Temporary Election Officials, applicants must be at least 18 years old and have a minimum of a secondary school education. They must also be available to work for the entire election period, which is usually one day.

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How to Apply for IEBC Jobs

IEBC advertises job opportunities on its official website and in local newspapers. Applicants can apply for the jobs online by visiting the IEBC website and following the application process. The application process involves filling an online application form and attaching relevant documents, such as academic certificates and a national ID card.

IEBC also conducts recruitment drives in various parts of the country, where applicants can submit their applications physically. Applicants are advised to keep an eye on IEBC’s official website and local newspapers for job advertisements and recruitment drives.

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IEBC offers various job opportunities to Kenyans who want to work in the electoral body. The job categories include Temporary Election Officials, Permanent and Pensionable Staff, Short-term Contract Staff, and Ad-hoc Staff. The requirements for IEBC jobs vary depending on the job category but generally require applicants to be Kenyan citizens, of sound mind and body, have a minimum of KCSE certificate, be of good conduct, and be computer literate. Applicants can apply for IEBC jobs online or submit their applications physically during recruitment drives.


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